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Loan without earnings certificate

If you want to apply for a loan, you have to overcome some hurdles. The bank has requirements that the loan seeker must meet. These requirements serve as security and give the bank a guarantee that the loan will be repaid. Anyone who cannot meet the criteria will not receive a loan.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

To get a loan, the borrower has to meet different conditions. This includes a fixed income and no negative entries in the credit bureau. The fixed income must be above the garnishment allowance so that the loan is covered. Those who cannot prove an income will not receive a credit without earnings. No exceptions are made here, because banks do not take any risks when lending. The borrower certifies his economic performance with his earnings.

If this is lacking, no credit institution will agree to grant a loan without a certificate of earnings. A guarantor who assumes the loan can help here. Another person can apply for a loan or vouch for the loan without a certificate of earnings. A guarantor must have a fixed income, a clean credit bureau and, in the best case, no further credit. Then a bank can be persuaded in individual cases to grant a loan.

Credit from abroad possible?

Credit from abroad possible?

Foreign banks do not work with credit bureau. This has a big advantage for many. However, other collateral is required, such as a fixed salary. It is therefore not possible to obtain a loan abroad without a certificate of earnings. Without earnings, there is no loan. No exceptions are made here, because the salary always guarantees the repayment of a loan.

How can I still apply for a loan?
To get a credit without earning, there is still a way. This is where consumer goods come into question, such as the purchase of goods from mail order companies or department stores. Anyone shopping here will not have to provide a certificate of earnings. The amounts have to be paid on time so that the bailiff is not at the door at some point.

This is referred to as commercial credit that the consumer can use. Another way to get a loan without a certificate of earnings is to take out a personal loan. This may come from family or friends. Hardly anyone here will ask for a certificate of earnings. If you choose this step, you should still draw up a loan contract so that both sides are covered

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